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As we have often underlined on this website, serving legal documents is a crucial stage in the legal process that must be completed before the beginning of court proceedings in a case. Providing someone with information on a legal proceeding in which they are a witness or a participant is a clear example of the administration of justice.
But sometimes, it’s difficult to locate the individual who needs to be served in a timely way. His or her last known location could not correspond to where they are now residing or employed, or they might be purposefully avoiding service. To discover fugitives and anybody who is actively or accidentally avoiding service, Baton Rouge Process Servers uses skip tracing services.
What Is Skip Tracing, Exactly?
We employ a combination of unique methods together referred to as skip tracing to locate people who are hard to discover or just don’t want to be located. The expression literally means “tracing” someone who has “skipped” town, usually without leaving contact or whereabouts information. It can be difficult, if not impossible, for a process server to locate such individuals while still carrying out their duties. After instance, identifying someone who is actively avoiding service is likely to be impossible using any normal methods that laypeople would have at their disposal.
However, we can more easily search for persons who are hiding since our process servers have access to certain databases. We are able to gather information from a variety of sources, including utility companies, banks, social media, voting records, third parties, corporate filings, car registrations, license renewals, property tax records, landline listings, credit reports, criminal and probation records, and many other sources of potential location or employment data. Using such a comprehensive collection of data, we next compare the information we’ve collected from each source. By inquiring around, you can usually find the majority of people, or at the absolute least, a living relative.
The Value of Skip Tracing to Process Servers
By employing skip tracing in Metairie to locate missing would-be servees, we can expedite the legal process and make it easier for all parties to get justice. After all, serving legal papers on all parties engaged in a litigation is an essential component of due process. If a litigant is not made aware of the proceedings in which they are participating, they will not have the chance to provide a defense. Skip tracing in Lake Charles creates an equal playing field and gives everyone—including the elusive—a voice in the legal matters that concern them.
Furthermore, it is true that justice proceeds slowly; thus, prolonging the procedure would be pointless in addition to frustrating. The foundation of case growth is timely and precise service, which is very essential. A case may take longer to settle than anticipated if the court has to wait a long time for the file demonstrating that all parties were fairly served. As a consequence, there will be a backlog of court cases since many of them would be abandoned. Skip tracing quickens the procedure, enabling more servees to be located quicker so that cases may proceed.
Skip tracing in Lafayette also reduces costs. If a litigant or law firm has to continually hire a process server to serve a certain individual and the efforts are unsuccessful, it is a waste of time, effort, and money.
Please remember that although though we work in the legal industry, we are not lawyers. If you have any more questions concerning the subjects we addressed here, kindly seek the advice of a local attorney.


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