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There are many con artists out there who want to take the money that sincere, hardworking people have worked so hard to earn. Similar scams involve process servers. Scammers pose as professional process servers in order to deceive naive victims and scare them into paying substantial quantities of money or exposing personal information (which can then be utilized in fraudulent ways to make money in the future).
Due to the crucial role that process servers play in the legal system and the fact that they are regarded professionals, it is conceivable for criminals to prey on those without legal expertise by taking advantage of their concerns and other weaknesses.
Some of the most popular process server fraud tactics utilized by con artists are listed below:
The Creditor Payoff Lawsuit Scam
In this situation, fictitious process servers may call or email the victims, as well as go to their residences or places of business. By using sensitive, private information, they will try to gain the trust of their targets. These kinds of data are easily accessible online, especially in the age of social media. After data breaches, con artists often resort to buying data in bulk. All things considered, giving con artists access to these specific data up front gives them a sense of credibility that supports their subsequent claims.
Once they have the targets’ trust, they demand money immediately so they can fight a false lawsuit they say they served the targets with. Most of the time, no litigation is necessary, and documents can be easily manufactured utilizing online, free templates. Additionally, makes it simple to buy badges with an official appearance. These toys, which are made abroad, are used by kids to play cops and robbers. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of fake process servers!
No process server, whether there is a lawsuit or not, shall be required to collect payment from a plaintiff. Lafayette process servers don’t read the complaints against people because doing so would violate the privacy they promise to protect, so they aren’t even aware of what any potential lawsuit involves. They merely ensure that everything is done lawfully and that the appropriate parties receive legal paperwork.
the use of powerful weapons
Another form of extortion involves threatening the victim with arrest if they don’t pay straight away. This is a disgusting scam that only works on those who don’t understand how the entire legal system works. As was previously indicated, Baton Rouge process servers do not accept payment. Even while sheriffs in some parishes deliver documents, the typical process server is not a police officer and cannot make an arrest. Last but not least, no one has been imprisoned for a debt in nearly a century! (Although in six states you could be sent in jail for not paying a court order, no process server would be required.)
In conclusion, when confronting purported Metairie process servers, it’s critical to always look out for warning indicators. Never provide them any extra personal information when asked over the phone, and never pay any fees to anyone posing as a process server. If you are still uncertain about a particular situation, you should contact a competent attorney in your area, contact law police, or call the court directly

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