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How to Find a Process Server in River Ridge, Louisiana


If you live in or near River Ridge, Louisiana, and need a process server, there are some factors you should consider before hiring anyone.


There are two types of service: personal and substituted. With personal service, the process server will hand-deliver the legal documents to the person named in the papers. Substituted service means that instead, the process server will leave the papers with someone else at the address specified, such as a receptionist or roommate.


The second factor to take into account is if you require a qualified professional or not. In Louisiana, process servers must be approved by the state and appointed by a district court judge. If you live in River Ridge, several qualified professional process servers should be easy to find either online or through local directories.


If you do not want to or cannot afford a professional, you can ask someone NOT named in the documents who are over 18 to serve them for you.


The third cost to factor in is the fee. Most certified process servers charge hourly, with a minimum amount for each address they visit. If you ask someone close to you instead, consider giving them money for their commute and time as well.


While looking for a process server in River Ridge, Louisiana, remember to think about what kind of service is needed, if a qualified professional is required, and how much money you are willing to spend. With these details considered, finding a process server should be straightforward.


Local laws often vary from state to state, so if you need help with process serving we advise that you speak with your local lawyer for more reliable advice. However, If you’re specifically searching for high-quality process servers in Louisiana, look no further! Lafayette Process Servers LLC offers reliable and professional process-serving services in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Metairie, New Orleans Lake Charles, and surrounding areas. Contact us today at 866-237-2853 for more information or to Request a Free Quote