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How to Properly Serve Process on a Business


The serving process is an important part of the legal system. Without proper service, many cases can’t proceed and litigants can’t get the justice they deserve. When it comes to the serving process of a business, several key steps need to be followed. Here’s what you need to know to properly serve the process of a business.


Finding the Right Person The first step in the serving process of a business is locating the right person who can accept the service of the process. This will depend on the type of business being served and the nature of the case. Generally, it’s best to serve an officer or director of the company, a registered agent for service of process, or another person authorized by law or court order. If none of these options are available or applicable, then service may be made upon any employee over 18 years old who works at the place of business during normal business hours. Completing and Filing Required Documents After determining who is authorized to accept service, all required documents must be properly filled out and filed with the court before attempting service of process on a business. In most cases, this includes a summons and complaint form as well as an affidavit of service form which must be signed by whoever accepted service on behalf of the company. Serving Process Once all necessary documents have been completed and filed with the court, it is time to serve the process on a business. This may be done through personal delivery or certified mail depending on state laws and court orders. Proof of this delivery must be obtained to ensure that proper service has been completed according to legal requirements.

Serving the process correctly is essential for ensuring that justice can be served in any given case involving a business entity. Each state has its specific guidelines for how the process should be served so you must familiarize yourself with these rules before attempting to serve any documents yourself or through another party such as a professional process server or attorney. Following these steps will help ensure that your case proceeds without unnecessary delays due to improperly served documents.

As a non-lawyer, it is not in my purview to provide legal counsel. You should be aware that document-serving laws may vary from state to state or country to country; for the most accurate and up-to-date information, please consult with a local lawyer.