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Good day, people, and welcome yet again to the  Lafayette Process Servers LLC podcast


Process servers are vital to the legal system. They ensure that all documents are delivered on time to the parties involved, so there is no hindrance to any legal proceedings. In Louisiana, Lafayette Process Servers LLC is one of the best in the state—we ensure all legal processes run as smoothly as possible.

Lafayette Process Servers LLC in Louisiana provides process service that ensures safe and reliable document delivery. Our servers have the proper affidavits and documentation to deliver subpoenas, reports, and other documentation.

We also use body cameras to provide visual evidence. Defendants cannot claim that they were not served because our servers have video proof of delivery.


Same Day, Same Delivery

We provide same-day legal courier services while giving you the confidentiality and security you need during delivery. We also provide white glove services—we plan the most efficient route to make sure your package reaches its destination at the exact time you specified.

All papers will be delivered and signed, so you will have undeniable proof that the documents have been properly served.


More Than Serving Papers

Lafayette Process Servers files legal documents, such as subpoenas, affidavits of Service, orders, and motions. These documents must be submitted and filed within the deadline because cases could be prejudiced or dismissed otherwise.

Background Research

Aside from serving papers, Lafayette Process Servers delivers comprehensive background checks. Legal teams and their clients need to check the criminal and civil background of the parties involved to see if they could find information that could support their case.

Our criminal and civil background checks are very thorough and will help you uncover information to support your team.

Courthouse Research

Lafayette Process Servers also provides courthouse research. Louisiana now allows e-filing for courthouse research, but Lafayette Process Servers also helps people obtain physical court records and copies.

We can retrieve and copy all the documents and records you need without you having to go to the courthouse.

Walk-through Service

It’s not unusual for court documents and papers to be shuffled from one part of a courthouse to another. Court paper walk-throughs require time and money, and legal teams and their clients should not have to waste their valuable time on this.

Lafayette Process Servers will help you file, stamp, and pay fees during your walk-through for maximum efficiency.

Registered Agent Service in Louisiana

Lafayette Process Servers can also help your company appoint a registered agent as required by Louisiana law. If you have a home business or an online business that does not have a physical address, Lafayette Process Servers will be glad to provide legal support service and act as your registered agent in Louisiana at a very reasonable cost.


We Offer All Legal Support Services You Need

Contact Lafayette Process Servers LLC if you want your documents served to the right person at the exact time you set.

Call us and explore other services we offer because we are willing to help you with all your legal needs.


Thank you for listening and we’ll see you next time!

The foregoing podcast has simply been presented for informational purposes only. He or those at Lafayette Process Servers LLC, are not attorneys. If you seek further information about this topic, please make sure to contact an attorney in your local area.




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