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What are the benefits of skip tracing for law firms?

Louisiana lawyers, legal assistants, and paralegals know firsthand how important skip tracing is. Skip tracing refers to finding someone whose whereabouts are indeterminate. We might do this for various reasons, like serving court documents or identifying a trial witness. The bottom line is: skip tracing is an essential tool that every law firm should utilize.

While there are various methods for skip tracing, the most prevailing one is by employing an online search engine. The two widely-known ones are Google and Yahoo. Each has its database that can be searched; though it’s imperative to take into account that neither of these is a public record database. Therefore, information on individuals with unlisted phone numbers or those who have never been arrested will not be provided.

Public records are a great way to find someone, but they can be outdated. For example, if someone has moved recently, their current address will not be listed in public records.

To increase your chances of finding someone, use an online search engine for general information as well as public records to fill in any gaps. By using both methods, you will be more likely to succeed in serving them with legal documents.

If you need to find someone but don’t know where they are, skip tracing is a Louisiana law firm’s best friend. There are many ways of skip tracing, some more effective than others. The method with the highest success rate uses a combination of online search engines and public records. By utilizing both methods, you stand a much greater chance of finding the person in question so that you can serve them with whatever legal documents are necessary.

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