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Have you ever received an unexpected text message from what appears to be an unknown number? If this happens, it might be from a process server. A process server is someone who delivers legal documents to the people named in them. Receiving a text message from one can be confusing and even frightening, especially if you have no idea why they are contacting you. So, what should you do when this happens? Let’s explore the answer.

What Is a Process Server?

A process server is an individual who delivers legal documents to recipients on behalf of the court or other legal parties. These documents include subpoenas, summonses, complaints, and writs from the court or law firm that requested the service. This person may also testify in court as to the accuracy of their delivery attempts and provide proof of receipt if necessary. The process server usually attempts several methods of service before resorting to texting.

Why Would They Text Me?

If all other attempts at delivering legal documents fail, then process servers must resort to alternative methods such as texting as a last resort form of delivery. Process servers will send text messages when they do not know your current address or when they have repeatedly attempted but failed to deliver documents in person at your residence or place of work. In some cases, process servers may also use texting if they have been instructed by the court or law firm that requested their services not to personally serve the documents due to safety concerns.

What Should I Do?

If you receive a text message from a process server, it’s important that you take action right away and respond quickly. The best course of action is to call them back and find out exactly what they need from you and why they are trying to contact you in this way. Once you understand why they need your help, make sure that you comply with their instructions so that any potential legal issues are resolved without further complications down the road. It’s also wise for anyone receiving texts from process servers get advice from an experienced attorney before taking any further steps forward or responding directly with them as there could be serious consequences for ignoring their requests for service or failing to comply with any deadlines set forth in their communications with you.


Receiving a text message from a process server can cause confusion and anxiety—and understandably so! Fortunately, understanding what these individuals do and how they operate can help ease those feelings and make sure that any potential legal matters are taken care of quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption in your life. Remember that responding quickly is key; otherwise there could be serious consequences down the road due to missed deadlines or ignored requests for service. So if you suddenly receive an unexpected text message from an unknown number, don’t panic; instead determine whether it’s coming from a process server so that you can take appropriate action as soon as possible!

It is important to recognize that Lafayette Process Servers LLC cannot provide any legal counsel. The objective of this article was merely for educational and informative purposes, not a substitute for the expertise of an attorney who can assess your particular situation based on applicable state laws. If you require accurate advice, do not wait to contact a qualified lawyer promptly.