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If you’re looking for a witness to depose or summon for testimony, you’ve come to the right place. For pro se litigants as well as prestigious law firms, locating eyewitnesses in the greater New Orleans area who are essential to a case may be challenging, and oftentimes locating character witnesses as well as witnesses functioning in a professional capacity can be just as challenging.
Availability and cooperation of witnesses can make or break even the most methodically constructed case. We offer the expert witness location services you require to guarantee the testimony and/or business records necessary to prevail in court.
Witness participation could be essential.
We are aware that in some circumstances, such as a legal issue, a family conflict, or a contentious inheritance, having witnesses testify may give you or your client the best advantage. If you can’t contact that person or get a copy of their paperwork before a vital court case, you can find yourself completely out of luck. Lafayette Process Servers sincerely hopes that neither you nor your client would ever encounter this unfortunate situation. Despite the fact that we are aware that the process could be difficult, we offer extensive witness locating services to both attorneys and pro se litigants.
Finding witnesses, however, can occasionally be exceedingly difficult. They might have just relocated, changed employment, or be unaware of their importance in a current court issue. Alternatively, they might be avoiding you on purpose because they don’t want to be engaged. We are special in that regard. We are experts in locating witnesses for both lawyers and litigants representing themselves. We pledge to use our tried-and-true methods to find and contact crucial witnesses in connection with service of process, legal proceedings, or depositions.
We employ a variety of techniques to guarantee that we will find the precise person you are looking for. For instance, we may swiftly look for witnesses using our access to multiple public record databases. We can perform a skip trace by examining data sources, speaking with acquaintances (such as known family members, friends, coworkers, and colleagues), and following up on promising leads. In order to create and investigate prospective leads, whatever pertinent information we find is contrasted with other pieces of data.
And in Baton Rouge, while searching for witnesses, we make an effort to rigorously adhere to moral norms that are permitted by law. We respect everyone’s right to privacy and will never collect personal information by dishonest means. You may count on us to preserve the confidentiality of both your and others’ privacy rights.
We are aware that collecting witnesses in Lake Charles may require some time and pull attorneys’ attention away from other very important tasks. Because of this, we would want to identify the individuals who, metaphorically speaking, hold the key to securing a victory for your client and relieving you of this taxing responsibility. We want to be clear that we are not attorneys, but we understand how important this might be for you as attorneys. Please contact a lawyer in your state if you are not a lawyer and have any queries about this article.


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