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How to Find a Process Server in Destrehan, Louisiana

To have a summons or subpoena served in Destrehan, Louisiana, you must first find a process server. A process server is an individual who is appointed by the court to hand-deliver legal documents to individuals involved in a case. The process server must be at least 18 years of age and cannot be a party to the case.

If you are an attorney or legal assistant representing a client in a court case, you may be wondering how to go about finding a process server in Destrehan. The following steps will guide you through the process of finding and appointing a process server in the state of Louisiana.

1. The first step is to contact the Court Clerk’s Office at (985) 783-5000 and request the name and contact information of one or more qualified process servers in the city.

2. Once you have the name and contact information for a few court-appointed process servers, reach out to each one and ask if they would be available to serve papers in your case. Be sure to ask about their rates and whether they have any promotions or discounts that could apply to your case.

3. Once you have selected a process server, provide them with all of the relevant information about your case, including the names and addresses of all parties involved, as well as the type of document that needs to be served.

4. Be sure to keep track of when the document was served so that you can provide proof to the court if necessary. If there are any problems with service, such as the recipient refusing to accept the document, be sure to let your process server know so that they can take appropriate action.

5. After the service has been completed, be sure to pay your process server for the services rendered. Once you have paid them, they will provide you with documentation proving that the service was completed so that you can submit this to the court.

Following these simple steps will help ensure that you can find and appoint a process server in Destrehan, Louisiana without any problems. Be sure to ask around for rates and compare them before making your selection, and always keep track of when service is completed so that you can provide proof if necessary. Most importantly, always remember to pay your process server after Service has been completed!

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The following information about document-serving may be helpful, but for more reliable and specific advice related to process serving in your state, listeners should consult their local lawyer.